Tips : Aloe Vera, best solution to your hair loss problem

Actually, this is my first posting in English. I learn to write down an English article in order to increase my English, I realized that English is very important in our business although we know English not the best language in the world.

I want to share my experience related Aloe Vera. I got a problem with my hair. My hair loss one by one especially in the forehead. I already tried many ways to solve this problem but I got zero result. I tried to use hair tonic, I can not mentioned the brand but I though its brand was quite famous. I almost used it for 3 years and I decided to stop it. I need to find another ways to fix my hair loss problem.

Someday, one on my friend asked me to stay in his house due to he got a scholarship in the master degree at overseas. He was planned in overseas for 2 years, after I considered it I decided to receive his offering.

I stay in my friend house started a year ago. When the first day I stayed there, I saw Aloe Vera in his flower collection then after a couple weeks my wife told me “how about if you used the Aloe Vera to cope your hair loss?”

I don’t think it can help me to cope my hair loss so I didn’t want to use it. I still prefer to used hair tonic then Aloe Vera although I can not see the significant impact of tonic. Poor I am.

I didn’t know exactly why I inspired to use the Aloe Vera. I told my wife, why my hair still loss while the tonic always used routinely? Later on, my wife proposed the Aloe Vera and I don’t know why, I answer her with, “okay”

I took the Aloe Vera and gave to my wife. She rubbed my head with Aloe Vera. I used it 4 times in a week before taking rest at night.

And what happen now. After 3 month used it, Alhamdulillah, my hair start to grow up one by one especially in the forehead. I believe this is Allah power. I really thank you to Allah and suggest to you who has get a hair loss problem, use Aloe Vera.

Okay, that’s my tips. I hope this tips can assist you to cope the hair losses problem.

If you have more idea, please share with us by fill the comment. 🙂


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