It’s a Wonderful days, Lebaran Haji

Hi guys, Lebaran Haji or Hari Raya Idul Adha almost come. Every Moslem is preparing to celebrate this event. This Lebaran is the biggest celebration in Islam. For the Moslem who has enough money and health is encouraged to perform Hajj at Mekkah whereas Hajj is the fifth Pillar of Islam. Some activity will be conducted to complete the Pillars of Hajj such as:

  1. .        Intention (this thing is characterized by using IHRAM clothes and will be conducted at 8th Dzulhijjah.)
  2. .        Wuquf in Arafah
  3. .        Stay for a night at Muzdalifah
  4. .        Thawaf, this is walking around the Kabbah for 7 times
  5. .        Sa’i (running from shafa to marwa hill)

That is Hajj Pillar. While the Moslem who conduct Hajj at Makkah, Moslem who do not conduct it will celebrate Lebaran Haji with slaughtered a goat or cow. Slaughtered animal meat will be distributed to all Moslem around the place which is slaughter done.

For this year, I also become the one who participate to slaughter the cow. This is the first time for me. I don’t know exactly how to cut the meat but I will take some guidance from other participant. I really glad to do this because I can give my help to success this celebration.

Oya, I also want to inform you related to Arafah fasting. Arafah fasting is conducted at 9 Dzulhijjah, for Moslem who conducted this fasting will get forgiveness from Allah. Allah will forgive your sins for one year forward and last one year.

So, let us fasting in the Arafah days. May Allah forgive our sins and make us become righteous. Always fear and obedient to Allah to get Allah blessing.:-)

I hope this article useful for you.


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